Distance contract

Since the sale of the goods offered by Ursis N Ltd takes place via an Internet-based offer on the www.bisumuizasmedus.lv site, in accordance with Section 10 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law (PTAL) of the Republic of Latvia, in such case a DISTANCE CONTRACT is entered into between the buyer and the seller when the purchaser orders.

That distance contract (“the contract”) is concluded between the www.bisumuizasmedus.lv owner of the internet marketplace SIA “Ursis N”, registration No 41203029870, registered office: “Jorges”, Squirvillage, Lake Parish, Ventspils Municipality, LV - 3617, (“the seller”), and the buyer ordering and purchasing on the www.bisumuizasmedus.lv's website. The contract covers all orders and purchases made on the www.bisumuizasmedus.lv's Internet marketplace.

1. The contract is concluded at the time when the purchaser placed the order and, in accordance with those provisions, paid for the goods.

2. When placing an order, the purchaser declares that he has become acquainted, understands and fully accepts the Agreement and its terms.

3. The seller has the right to restrict without warning the services of the Internet marketplace used by the buyer, if the seller considers that the buyer may infringe or violate the provisions of the Agreement, attempts to harm the seller, the operation or security of the Internet marketplace, or third parties.

4. All commodity prices are listed on the website, including value added tax of 21%. The cost of the item delivery service is not included in the specified item price.

5. You can pay for the ordered item and the selected delivery service in the following ways:

5.1. upon receipt of a pre-payment invoice and by performing a bank transfer;

5.2. at the moment of receipt of the goods in cash at the retail location of the seller in the store “Honey Studio of Bisumuge” on Liela Street 1/3, Ventspils, LV-3601;

5.3 Once an order has been made, payment may be made to the current account of LV36RIC0002013246388 OF THE Bank of Luminor.

6. The seller offers to select one of three ways to receive the item:

6.1. free - the ordered goods are received at the retail point of the seller in the shop “Honey Studio of Bisumuge” on Liela Street 1/3, Ventspils, LV-3601;

6.2. Omniva would wait to FIND THE NEAREST PAMATE

6.3. the courier service firm shall deliver the ordered goods at the address indicated by the purchaser.

7. If the purchaser of the goods has indicated receipt in the shop “Honey Studio of Bisumuge” on Liela Street 1/3, Ventspils, LV-3601, it is necessary to remove it within 3 (three) working days from the moment when the seller has confirmed that the order has been prepared for receipt. The item is not reserved for longer.

8. The purchaser has a duty to ensure that the person specified in the order is at the address specified in the order at the time of delivery of the goods, to present a personal identification document to the courier, to accept the goods without delay, to sign the consignment note, to make notes on the consignment note.

9. If the buyer has failed to comply with paragraph 8, the seller shall not be liable for any loss on the part of the buyer, while the buyer shall bear the costs and losses incurred by the seller with the delivery or return of the goods. The seller is entitled to deduct the reimbursement of expenses and losses from the amount paid by the buyer if the buyer has not accepted the goods or, due to circumstances beyond the control of the seller, it has not been issued to the buyer and it has been returned to the seller.

Right of withdrawal

The buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the goods within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of receipt of the goods by sending the seller a letter of withdrawal. The vendor sends the withdrawal letter form to the buyer by e-mail at the buyer's request.

The Consumer Rights Protection Law (PTAL) of the Republic of Latvia and the regulatory Cabinet Regulation No. 255, Regulations regarding distance contract (Cabinet Regulation No. 255) determine:

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days and return the item purchased from the online store to the seller.

By withdrawing from the purchase, the consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the goods within the time limit for exercising the right of withdrawal.

We recommend that the original packaging of the product be preserved so that the goods are not externally mechanically damaged when exercising the right of withdrawal under the terms of the distance contract.

The seller retains the right to withhold a compensation fee or refuse to accept a product that has been damaged, not in full supply or otherwise lost its original appearance.

It is the duty of the purchaser to return the goods to the seller within 7 (seven) days after sending the refusal letter.

The seller returns the full value of the returned item (delivery costs are not included) to the buyer within 30 (thirty) days of acceptance of the item.

If the buyer returns the goods to the seller under the right of withdrawal, the delivery fee is not refunded to the buyer.

Expenses for the return of goods, except in the case of return of goods which do not comply with the provisions of the Agreement, shall be borne by the purchaser.

Claims received regarding the quality of goods shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law (PTAL) of the Republic of Latvia, in accordance with the regulatory Cabinet Regulation No. 631. “Procedures by which a claim of a consumer regarding goods or services not conforming to the provisions of the contract shall be submitted and examined” (Cabinet Regulation No. 631). The PROVISIONS of THE PTAL do not apply where the goods are purchased by legal persons.

To receive the withdrawal letter form and agree to return the item, please contact us by email: bisumuiza_lv@inbox.lv or telephone: +371 26440255.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy informs you about privacy practices and principles for processing personal data related to Ursis N Ltd, “, registration No 41203029870, registered office: “Jorges”, Squirvillage, Lake Parish, Ventspils County, LV - 3617, website for www.bisumuizasmedus.lv and services. To communicate with data processing issues, please email bisumuiza_lv@inbox.lv.

When entering the necessary information, when drawing up an order, the purchaser shall certify that he or she has become acquainted with and agrees that the data provided by him or her is used so that the seller may accept the order of the purchaser and perform the delivery of goods in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments. When entering the information, the buyer agrees that notifications related to the processing of the customer's order will be sent to the specified e-mail.

When providing information about itself, the buyer shall give the seller the right to select, store, systematise and use all information and data provided directly or indirectly by the buyer through the services of an Internet marketplace.

The personal data provided by the buyer will only be used by the seller and its partners with whom the seller works in the administration of the Internet marketplace, the delivery of goods and other services related to the fulfilment of the buyer's order. The seller shall certify that he or she will not disclose the personal data of the buyer to other third parties, except in the cases specified in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

The seller uses various technical and organisational security measures to protect the buyer's personal data. The buyer's personal data is available to a limited number of people, only authorised persons.

The seller shall keep the personal data of the purchaser for as long as they are necessary for the seller according to the purpose of extraction thereof and as permitted or determined by the requirements of regulatory enactments.

Your rights regarding your personal data

If you are a data subject under the EU GDPR (for example, you are an EU citizen and provide us with your personal data), you have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

The right of access to information. You are entitled to information about why and how your personal data is processed. You have the right to receive, free of charge, a copy of your personal data in widely used electronic format.

Right to rectify. You have the right to obtain inaccurate or incomplete rectification or supplementation of personal data without undue delay.

The right to “be forgotten.” You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data and to obtain the erasure of your personal data without undue delay as soon as the data is no longer necessary to provide the services you request and comply with regulatory requirements.

The right to restrict processing. You have the right to have your personal data processed restricted if you oppose it and we have no legitimate grounds to continue processing, if you challenge the accuracy of the data, if the processing is unlawful, or if you request to bring, enforce or defend legitimate claims.

The right to object. You have the right to oppose the processing of data at any time unless there is an undisputed legitimate basis for a task or processing performed in the public interest.

Other rights under GDPR. For more information, visit the EU data Protection website.

Cookie policy

Cookies help you provide, improve, and protect z/s “bailer” services by providing more customer-friendly offerings, as well as a more convenient and secure experience.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or other device (such as a mobile phone) when you visit the website. A text file contains information that is used to improve the experience of using a site for visitors to a particular website.

What cookies do www.bisumuizasmedus.lv use and what are their intended uses?

Several types of cookies are used. They differ in terms of uses and shelf life. In the meantime, cookies used may be updated and adapted to the needs of improving the quality of service provision, but the general purposes of use are as follows:

User Authentication – predicts user recognition and safer use of the website.

Provision and maintenance of services – cookies that functionally support the provision of services of Ursis N Ltd.

Website security and service integrity – cookies that help you build services by creating the best customer experience.

Usage Statistics and analysis – provides information on how and how often the websites of Ursis N Ltd are used, what groups of users are, and what search tools are used. Cookie statistics may also be obtained from the websites of the partners.

Offering services and analysis of customer needs – cookies that enable the development of the best offers for the customer's needs. Z/s “BOMs” websites may use third-party cookie information. The user may also see the most relevant offers in the collaborators' Internet resources.

How can a user choose and change the use of cookies?

If you don't want cookies to be used on devices you use, you can change your browser's security settings. Note that you must make changes to your security settings separately for each browser and that the settings methods used may vary. However, remember that without the confirmation of the session cookies via the website of Ursis N Ltd, you will not be able to make full use of the Internet services of Ursis N Ltd.

Where can I get information?

The SIA “Ursis N” is responsible for the use of cookies in the Internet resources of SIA “Ursis N” and for the secure processing of your personal data. If you have questions or suggestions, we encourage you to write to bisumuiza_lv@inbox.lv.


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