Beeswax candle
Beeswax candle
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About us

We're a family beekeeping company. Family head Normunds started beekeeping in 2014, but we've grown up in this relatively short period of time. More than 300 bee hives have been placed in meadows and forests in Zlēku, Piltenes and Ziru Parish.

Our bees begin collecting honey as early as April, with the first flowers of Poopops and blues, with the road continuing across the dandelion meadows and Liepu Avenues to the autumnal tongues of warm heather. The bees pull new cells and fill sequentially with the then dominant nectar honey. As soon as the nectar stops flowering, the beekeeper continues the bee's begun groom. It's important for us to provide the already customary wide range every year so you can enjoy your favourite honey every year with constant flavour and texture properties.